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Our Story

The Journey behind

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Arre Sinaloa is the new venture of a Mexican family led by renowned chef Gonzalo Colin “El Quike Gavilan” Colin and his Wife Yanin Felix The restaurant is an homage to their passion for traditional Mexican food, heritage ingredients, and dining customs. The space evokes the feeling of being in a subdued, earth-toned Asadero And La Carreta Ceviche Station, with high ceilings and a cozy ambiance.

Gonzalo"Quike Gavilan " is an internationally acclaimed chef, ambassador of delicious Mexican flavors, promoter of customs around Mexican family dining rooms and a faithful spokesperson for culinary culture in Mexico. He focuses his activities on preserving the authentic Mexican cuisine flavor for the future generations.


Romanticism made food, culture that meets passion through taste.

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About the Chef

From the time he was a young boy, a passion, appreciation for cooking and putting forward impressive presentations were embedded in Chef Colin’s culinary lessons but it was truly at the family time where he spent relishing in the Colonial and Artisanal cuisine.

Chef Colin recognizes his immense abilities as a result of the opportunities provided to him by brilliant chefs, as he worked from the bottom up. Upon his arrival to the United States in 1996, Chef Colin had the privilege to work at Indigo as a Garde Manger, before being promoted to Grillardin and working under renowned Chef Scott Bryan where he leaned French and Mediterranean culinary techniques.

His love grew while working in NYC for a number of years as a Sous Chef at original Merge and First, by executive Chef Sam De Marco and the popular steakhouse Frankie & Johnnies in Hoboken. Chef Colin was lauded for his natural ability with people and food while working at Sequoia, Ark Corporation Restaurant, a job solicited to Chef Colin by a former coworker at Indigo, Chef Colin took his first position as Executive Chef at City Bistro, in Hoboken, Nj. Implementing New American cuisine with French influence.


Chef Colin love and enthusiasm for cooking is fully credited to his family, upbringing and culture, but the best is yet to come.

Before becoming Executive Chef at Stage 48, Opening a new Mexican concept Cantina Rooftop, consulting Chef at multiple live shows at Level 3 and becoming the corporate chef of the four floor venue at Z-Live Inc., he worked with Ark Corporation, where he learned from Chanterelle's Chef himself, David Waltuck. One of his mentors is well known Chef Scott Bryan, who has been an important influence in Chef Colin’s culinary experience, as it is him who taught him to implement French techniques to his already beloved cuisine passion.

Chef Colin has cooked at corporate events for :
The Red Bulls Soccer Team; Nickelodeon, Ogilvy, Facebook, Google, BET Network, The Daily Show, Spanish Broadcasting System; Pandora, Apple and multiple Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, just to mention a few, handling over two thousand guests on back to back corporate events, adding his own distinguished fine techniques.

Come back as Corporate and Executive Chef at Robert Restaurant At Mad former restaurant of Ark Corporation for 4 Years, At Robert Chef Colin improve his techniques in fine dining cuisine and new American food with french influence

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